Mythtv in Ubuntu's future?

Tom Adelstein adelste at
Sun May 29 16:23:26 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-05-29 at 03:09 -0400, cochrate wrote:
> I need help...I can't get this thing installed on my computer and I'm
> pulling my hair out. This is the #1 reason why evil Bill Gates'
> Microsoft will continue to rule the world, because of the simple fact
> that Linux software installation is a pain in the ass...

Hi Cochrate,

I notice Reinhart Tarler provided some answers to your question and I'm
happy he had an understanding of Mythtv. I have no experience with it
and maybe never will.

When I see a statement like yours, I'm like Pavolv's dog - the bell goes
off and I respond. So, I have to attempt to recover or I get nasty,
think about all the information I have collected over the years about
Mr. Gates and then I want to do a memory dump.

One of the reasons I like Ubuntu and the community so much has to do
with the "Humanity" issue. I got very jaded over the years because free
software and open source communities have such committed advocates that
they react and pull the trigger on emails and comments without
considering the damage they do to others and Linux in general.

I'm learning a lot about courtesy from the people on this list. I think
it helps in everyday life too. 

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