Running Real player streams on linux

John Conover conover at
Sun May 29 10:42:35 UTC 2005

Martin J Hooper writes:
> david wrote:
> > The only thing you'll need to do after installing RealPlayer is to go to
> > System > Preferences > Sound > and uncheck the Enable Sound Server
> > startup option.
> > Then use the menu entry to fire up RealPlayer. This will then run
> > through it's own brief "first run" setup.
> > Then it should work in firefox perfectly.
> > I use RealPlayer/real player plugin regularly on the bbc site and it
> > always works OK.
> Ahhh should have said am running KDE... ;)
> Will have a look now I have downloaded the player.

Yea, the stuff in the original replay should work OK. Those were
done under KDE.



John Conover, conover at,

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