Is Linux a desktop operating system?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Sat May 28 19:10:40 UTC 2005

> Then I found out a whole bunch of games are ported to Linux.
> What I think we should do, is all of us, go out and buy a few good
> Linux games.  Not that I play a lot, but because I want to support porting
> games (and other apps) to Linux.
> Think about it, what if half of all the people on this list would go
> out this week and order never winter night for example.  It wouldn't
> cost you much but it would send a good message to the porting people.

Yes... I will be delighted to fork out some cash for the Linux version
of X-Plane.... once it's mature (Linux port is very recent). So it will
have to wait a year or two, which is fine because I will also need that
long to save enough money to upgrade my machine to run X-Plane properly,
and also get appropriate flight controls (it's rather tricky to control
a helicopter with the mouse and keyboard... :-/ )

X-Plane has a majhot problem though, as far as I can see, there is no
reseller in France, and shipping costs from the US to here, is
prohibitive relative to the price of the software. :-/

If I could find a nice boxed version with comprehensive manuals in my
local shop, like MS flight Simulator, that would be sooooo cool.
Same for Ubuntu.

One day maybe....


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