Is Linux a desktop operating system?

David Kaisemann ulist at
Fri May 27 18:31:15 UTC 2005

David Kaisemann Wrote: 
> This guys can think all that they want. But I'm sure that the Ubuntu -
> is a desktop OS. I'm currently use Ubuntu at my work and home computers
> (single boot) and I'm very happy!
Some more things.

I'm newbee user and I'm switched to Ubuntu at first day when I get
Installation CD. I'm save all my music, documents, etc. on few CDs,
clean my HD and install Ubuntu on a single boot (same thing I'm done on
my work).

One of my friends say: "In Linux you don't find a lot of programs!" But
this is bullshit (sorry)!!! Today I'm have all programs that I'm current
need. There is no jobs (works, things, etc.) that can't be done in
Linux! And there is a couple of things that can't be done in Windows.

David Kaisemann

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