Is Linux a desktop operating system?

SamH ulist at
Fri May 27 06:53:14 UTC 2005

Robert L Parker Wrote: 
> On Tue, 2005-05-24 at 10:16 +0100, Keith Powell wrote:

> [color=blue]


> I have quite a few university qualified friends for whom Windows is
> too

> difficult much less Linux. OTOH I have trained quite a few mentally

> disabled folk to use Linux as a Desktop os.


> Bob


> [/url]

Old Joke:

A man had a flat tire (tyre in UK) on the road by a Mental Health
Institution (Insane Asylum as it would be called in the old days).  He
got the flat tire off, but accidentally knocked the lug nuts down a
storm drain.

"Damn, what am I going to do?" the man wailed.

One of the patients on the inside of the fence said, "Take one lug nut
from each of the  other three wheels.  That will give you enough for
all wheels to get to a service station."

The man with the car said, " Wow, that's really smart.  Why are you in
the mental health hospital?"

The patient said, "I'm crazy, not stupid."


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