User Account: change name

Martin J Hooper martinjh at
Thu May 26 17:29:21 UTC 2005

René L. Reingard wrote:
> hmm, i did create a new user and made the home of the old user the home 
> of  the new user.
> result: no login possible
> error: ~/.xsession-errors / libgnomevfs-WARNING / unable to create  
> ~/.gnome2 directory: No Authority

Try going into /home/newuser and running the following command:

chown -R newuser.newuser *

This file recursivly makes the newuser the owner of the files.

I have a feeling that the files within the directory are not owned by 
the new user hence the error message.  Change newuser to the name of the 
new account on your computer.

(Hope that works!)

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