Is Linux a desktop operating system?

dave walker dave at
Thu May 26 13:16:08 UTC 2005

Senectus . wrote:

>I'm possibly getting a little bit away from the original topic but
>I've been wondering why it is that when you install Ubuntu there isn't
>a "choice" that asks if you'd like to install the "completely free
>version" (read: GNU friendly) like the current default install, or the
>"Mostly free version" with non open binaries such as nvidia/ATI
>drivers video codecs and other such software that, although are not
>open they are legal to use?
The problem for somethings like Java, I believe, where it requires you 
to download the binary from them and it can not be contained in a 
distrobution.  Something along those lines.  I do think it should be an 
option at which it wgets the file from sun, which the user agrees 
licence to.

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