Antoher freezing problem

James Wilkinson ubuntu at
Wed May 25 12:28:16 UTC 2005

Anders Wallenquist wrote:
> I have freezing with (onboard Intel), Realtek and D-link, every 4 or 8
> hour, and freezing every 24 to 36 hour with (onboard intel) and
> 2xRealtek. I dont know if Realtek/D-link-change to 2xrealtek solved all
> nic-problems and there is another problem causing the 24/36 hour freezing?

OK: you have four NICs, and need two installed (plus one fixed as part
of the motherboard). You've tried with one Realtek in the machine and
one Realtek out: have you tried simply replacing the one in the computer
with the one that's out?


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