Localizing Hoary

Gábor Iglói mdjake at gmail.com
Wed May 25 11:13:44 UTC 2005


I'd like to ask what steps are required for obtaining the best Ubuntu
localization experience?

When I set up Hoary I could do it on my own language (Hungarian) -
setup program speaked my language quite good. It also set up my
keyboard correctly. I even get almost 100% localized Gnome, Firefox
and OpenOffice the three most important apps for me. So Hoary's
foreign language support is quite good - I didn't hope that it can
speak Hungarian this much.

However I have a few problems. As I'm a Hungarian guy and I have some
FAT32 file systems, I should mount them with options
iocharset=iso8859-2 and codepage=852. However if I mount vfat with
these parameters Nautilus and Gnome terminal displays my accentuated
filenames incorrectly.

E.g. instead of "Névtelen mappa" I have "N?vtelen mappa (invalid
encoding)" in Nautilus and "N?telen mappa" in Gnome terminal. And in
Gnome Terminal if a Linux command produces a Hungarian language
message instead of the accentuated character only a " " (empty char)

I don't know if its a missing font package problem - I found several
iso8859-2 font package in Synaptic and I have installed them but this
didn't solve my problems. BTW what are xfonts-biznet-iso-8859-2
packages for? Should I install them? Package manager said they are for
backward compatibility only.

Or is it a Latin-2 (iso8859-2) encoding problem? I think Ubuntu use
the newer UTF-8 encoding. How can I set it to use Latin-2 instead?

If I mount my vfats without Latin-2 encoding (so with defaults mount
option, which is UTF-8 I think) I can create accentuated
file/foldernames on these partitions but then Windows displays them
incorrectly - so these vfats has Latin-2 encoding I think.

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