Hoary - Fonts in OpenOffice

S. Donig my-mailfloods at web.de
Wed May 25 07:49:54 UTC 2005

> I just upgraded my desktop box from Warty to Hoary using the
> instructions in the Wiki.  My fonts in OOo don't all seem to be there.
> A document that displayed perfectly in Warty now has small boxes where
> the hyphens are.  OOo itself seems to have a somewhat 'raw' look now.
> Might be just a different skin, but I haven't loaded any.
> Sure would like to have some fonts again.  Anyone know how I get them back?
I could imagine three things
a) the fonts you're looking for are not installed
b) it's an openoffice fontcache problem
c) it's a system-/user-wide fontcache problem 

a) Check (with synaptic for instance) that the font packages you're
looking for are actually installed. (There's e.g. ttf-bitstream-vera,
gsfonts, or ttf-freefont just to name a few.)

b) Try
deleting /home/your-user/.openoffice/1.1.3/user/psprint/psfontcache
When restarting openoffice it should be created again.

c) actually that is the least likely case... 
Only if you installed fonts by hand to a directory somewhere you would
have to run sudo fc-cache <dir name>. (The best way to install by hand
is to enter fonts:/// as path in nautilus, copy your fonts there and
restart your xfs.

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