Is Breezy (and/or X) really messed up right now?

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Wed May 25 04:13:01 UTC 2005

To answer the subject line:  YES.  Not my personal experience (I
haven't updated my Breezy partition since the start of the C++
transition a couple of weeks ago), but from reports on various mailing
lists and a bunch of recent bug reports.

> but the log files made it look like
> the server couldn't find the base xfonts. (sorry - one computer ATM,
> don't have the file in front of me).

there has been quite a few problems recently with Xorg related to
fonts.  From what I know, some directories have been moved around in
X, and that has broken quite a few things; it has been going on for a
few days now.

> I noticed during
> one apt-get session that the ubuntu-desktop package was removed. I
> know it's a meta-package that *can* be removed, but I don't recall
> seeing it happen from the developers end before.

personally when I see in Breezy that apt-get is about to remove one of
ubuntu-base or ubuntu-desktop, that's a big red flag to me that I
shouldn't proceed with the update.  From past experience the problem
will resolve itself without a few hours or a few days depending when
updated packages are uplaoded by the developpers.

> Now, after rambling on here for an hour (again with the pain meds, i
> swear I can type 70 wpm), is there a package (or meta-package, or set
> of packages) that I can try to install to get me back to a sane breezy
> install without reformatting and starting from scratch? I can SSH in
> remotely and back up my data.

If you can ssh remotely, can you do an apt-get at the same time? I
suspect trying to reinstall "ubuntu-desktop" is a good start to get
your system back on track.  As long as you can login, at one point you
should be able to repair your system (and X) enought that things will
be back to a relatively normal state; at least when Breezy's packages 
are back into a more normal state.


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