Is Linux a desktop operating system?

Vin_L ulist at
Wed May 25 02:58:16 UTC 2005

Ok, here is a response from a real new comer to both Linux and Ubuntu. I
am no wizard but I am A+ certified (if that even matters any more) and I
have built and played with many windows systems (even DOS) and my 1st
impression with Ubuntu was wow, this could be a direct replacement for
everything that I use this PC for (except maybe a few games). Then I
started messing around trying to get my Wlan set up and Java etc.. and
I started thinking "Windows is a lot easier to install and set up than
this, I don't know if I am going to stick this out." but then I started
to realize that every single thing that I had "trouble" with I was able
to get very easy to follow (in many cases cut and paste) instructions
to do exactly what I needed to do. I then started remembering all the
times I've had to wipe a hard drive and re-install windows because some
.dll was corrupted or it had some impossible to remove spyware or virus.
Now I don't even know 5 good commands in Linux without looking them up
and I was able to get this bad boy up with wireless networking, Java,
flash etc.. all installed and running fine. I think that to get the
average home user to start migrating may take a bit more automation and
also more support from hardware vendors but in time this will come.


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