Your session only lasted 10 seconds

awtomlinson ulist at
Tue May 24 15:13:59 UTC 2005

this, and other strange things, have just happened to me.  i decided to
uninstall the kubuntu-desktop, so i did, & then i rebooted my system. 
to my surprise, i could still log into kde.  so then, i uninstalled all
kde packages other than the games & what is required for k3b & amarok. 
then, i did another reboot, and i can still log into kde!!  all of the
kde programs are uninstalled, but the kde desktop is still available!!
if i search for either kde or kubuntu in synaptic, all packages appear
as unmarked/not installed.   i can't log into gnome though, because i'm
getting the "Your session only lasted 10 seconds" error.  HELP!!!!


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