Is Linux a desktop operating system?

Greg Donald destiney at
Mon May 23 22:39:41 UTC 2005

On 5/23/05, Tony Arnold <tony.arnold at> wrote:
> Comments anyone?

I use several different operating systems at home.  My
firewall/nat/router is a P133 FreeBSD box with 64MBs of ram.  I have
two Gentoo boxes that are basically samba file servers and other
various network services, DNS, squid, qmail, etc.  And then I got two
other boxes that are dual-boot Gentoo/Windows.  I think I still have
Ubuntu installed in a VMWare somewhere on my main Windows box.

On my Linux boxes I use KDE.  Gnome seems kinda primitive to me
personally.  I used to use Blackbox but then I realized I was still
using mostly KDE apps inside it so I went back.  Windowmaker is cool
too, all the little doc apps and all.

I don't prefer a Linux desktop yet, but not cause it's not 'ready'
yet.  It's cause my kid and I are big-time gamers and WoW doesn't run
too well on Linux.  I had it installed in Wine once but then an update
came around and broke it.  Doesn't seem worth the effort to mess with
it much at this point.

At my current job I use Windows cause we have a domain and the company
does a lot of .NET programming, but being a PHP/Perl guy I mostly work
in vim over ssh on remote client servers.  Doesn't matter much to me,
I can work in whatever you got.  Funny thing, my last gig I came in
the first day and they asked me if I wanted Woody or Sarge installed
on my workstation.  They had a Debian only policy as it turned out. 
No FTP'ng anywhere, SSH only.  I had to SSH to a company web server so
I could SSH to my house to fire up lynx to read Slashdot.  Fun.

I like pie too.

Greg Donald
Zend Certified Engineer

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