Is Linux a desktop operating system?

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Mon May 23 22:27:43 UTC 2005

On 5/24/05, Tony Arnold <tony.arnold at> wrote:
> I was amused, and slightly irritated by a comment made on a programme on
> the BBC this evening. A transcript of the piece can be found at
> The bit that irritated me was:
> "I believe that it still isn't time to call Linux a 'desktop' operating
> system. It simply isn't as usable for everyone as Windows and OS X are.
> "It will be soon, but, for the time being at least, Click Online doesn't
> think it is."
> I guess they've not used Ubuntu with the Gnome Desktop. From what I
> gather from this list, we have quite a few newbies using this system and
> they are all having a great time with it.
> Comments anyone?
It's a very broad question and there isn't one answer (remember only
the SIth see things in absolutes ;-) ).
I believe its enough of a desktop OS for desktop and simple office requirements.
It still has a way to go for industry usage and high end office requirements.

Also I see support being a very large stumbling block for corporate
Linux take up on the desktop.
I know that in the capitol city I live in there is nearly no
professional Linux support, and next to none on a corporate level.

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