Just Made The Switch - My story of joining the Ubuntu family

Dan Rippon rippond at gmail.com
Sun May 22 23:17:53 UTC 2005

Sweet, ubuntu is the best isnt it!

On 5/22/05, Troy Davidson <clandaith at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well,
> I am sold on Ubuntu.  Specifically, Kubuntu.  I have a Compaq Presario
> 2100 laptop.  Everyone says that putting Linux on this laptop isn't
> the easiest because it doesn't support APM.  It needs ACPI.  And the
> pcmci slot can be buggy.  I have had this laptop for over a year and
> put Mandrake 10.0 on it.  I had to make a custom kernel and do some
> tweaking to get my wifi card, D-Link DWL-G650, to work.  But, I did
> it.
> Well, I decided to upgrade to Mandrake LE2005 last weekend.  Again, I
> had to make a custom kernel for the ACPI and the wifi to work.  And,
> ACPI wass buggy and didn't work properly.  It wouldn't recognize when
> the power cord was removed or plugged in.  And for some reason, my '
> and ; keys didn't work very well.  I fought with LE2005 all week
> trying to make it work right.
> I had heard of Ubuntu before.  I heard it was an awesome distro.  I
> looked into it and wasn't too excited about it since its main GUI was
> Gnome.  But then I found Kubuntu.
> I burned a disk yesterday and put it in the drive.  I booted up the
> laptop and installed Kubuntu.  Everything went well.  It even found my
> wireless card!
> All right.  Everything is good so far.  I log in for the first time
> and notice the KLaptop icon that is the front end for controlling
> ACPI.  I have the laptop plugged into power so I unplug it and lo and
> behold, the icon changes to a battery!  It picked up that I had
> switched power sources!  LE2005 couldn't do that.  The fans also
> weren't coming on.  That meant that the ACPI was working correctly!  I
> was amazed.
> But, my wifi card wouldn't connect.  I fiddled a bit with it, but it
> still wouldn't go on.  This morning I was looking at a few config
> files and came across /etc/network/interfaces.  I noticed all the
> mentions for eth0 and lo.  No mention of ath0.  I edited the file and
> copied all the entries that had eth0 and changed them to ath0.
> Rebooted the system and no my wifi card worked!  I was so excited!
> Needless to say, Ubuntu has done what LE2005 couldn't.  I didn't need
> to customize my kernel or anything.
> I am still having problems with the learning curve and figuring out
> how you do things in Ubuntu.  I am used to the MCC in Mandrake.
> Anyway, I am sold.  I am very excited about Ubuntu and will be taking
> my laptop into work tomorrow to so the other Linux advocates.
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> Troy Davidson
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