AMD64-939 motherboards

Gerhard Gaußling ggrubbish at
Sun May 22 16:08:12 UTC 2005

Am Sonntag 22 Mai 2005 06:17 schrieb coolmike890:
> Anyone using the A8N-SLI with nVidia cards please help. I tried
> installing the nVidia linux chipset drivers, but it caused me
> problems. My keyb. stopped working, and the CPU stopped scaliing.
> What drivers are safe to install? Are there any tricks?

I didn't had these problems with the keyboard. Are you using an USB 
keyboard? I'm running amd64 3500+, asus A8N-SLI, and Sparkle nVidia 
But I had to put amd74xx into the first line of /etc/modules, to get DMA 
for my DVD drive working ("HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Operation not 



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