openoffice: open remote file

Christoph Wegscheider wegi at
Sat May 21 18:12:31 UTC 2005

I have 2 computers a debian and an ubuntu one. I want to share a dir
between the two. The dir is located on the debian box and I set up a
gnome remote dir (don't know how it's called). This works fine, there
appears an icon on the desktop and I can open/save, ...

The problem is I must use OOo on ubuntu and can't get it to open a
file in the remote dir, I tried the gtk file chooser, where I can select
the remote file but it doesn't open it. Then I installed the
OOo-gnomevfs package, but I'm not sure how to use it with the native OOo
open file dialog. 

google says I'm not alone with this problem, I found some bug reports.
Some are closed, but it didn't work for me. Has anyone successfully
set up something similar? Are there other ways (nfs, or syncing via
unison are no options for me) to do the same thing?



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