Defrag Software

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Fri May 20 10:00:55 UTC 2005

> Linux filesystems are kept in order and not scattered.
> You don't need to defrag..
> Hey, why do you think Linux servers can run for years on end?!

Good point ! I remember Windows needing 2 hours to defrag a small 8GB
hard drive. A *nix server with dozen of tera bytes of disk space and
frequent disk access, say databases, would probably be down 90% of it's
time if it had to defrag ! :-O How cool would that be, people could use
their workstation only 30 minutes per day ! ;-/
No wonder why they invented a defrag-free file system then, it was
simply mandatory !

> Linux makes life easier!

Indeed ! Long live Penguins... (and breezy badgers ;-)

Vince, happy with his friendly and competent Penguin...

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