ubuntu and mythtv

Rich Duzenbury rduz-ubuntu at theduz.com
Fri May 20 05:20:12 UTC 2005

Hi again ubuntuers,

I'm a bit ignorant about how and when packages make it into ubuntu, so
please educate me.

I see from http://mythtv.org that mythtv current release is 0.18.1

In particular, there is now a subscription service for the program guide
available where some of the money goes back into funding opensource
development efforts.

That being the case, I want to install the version that supports this,
but in hoary, only 0.17-3 is listed in synaptic.

I see that mythtv.org references this page for debian:

I followed the directions, but the package won't install because some of
the libraries on my ubuntu box have been modified to have 'ubuntu' in
the version string.  This seems to confuse the installer into thinking
that the libraries are too old.  Rather, the names are just somewhat

In any case, where should I go from here?  I suppose I could just wait
awhile and hope that the 0.18.1 will appear in synaptic, though a
pointer to some kind of timeline would be helpful.

Perhaps there is some way to fix the debian file to install on hoary?

I suppose I could try installing from source.  I don't want to corrupt
my installation, however as I wish to continue to use synaptic to
maintain it.

Thanks for your input and assistance.



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