Two things missing from Ubuntu - Backup and Firewall - can we havethem in Horay

grakhul ulist at
Wed May 18 15:44:49 UTC 2005

Last night I had to tar my directories in order to create a back up. 
The back up tar file was 849MB and was NOT bootable.

I am looking for an easy to use backup utility for Ubuntu.

So far I have tried Mondo and get error messages.  I have even updated
to the lastest 2.04 version but the instructions were convoluted and I
think that something should be included in synaptic that automates the
installation of a back up solution.

When I did go into synaptic, I was presented with a number of back up
utils that didn't seem to fill my order.  Small back up utility that
will back up a local computer and create a bootable cd image while
doing this.

Does anyone have any feedback or ideas concerning this.  The backuppc I
recommended earlier installs an apache webserver and I don't want this
option.  It is an enterprise backup tool.


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