Breezy install on G4 iBook

john levin john at
Tue May 17 23:50:38 UTC 2005

Dual booting with OS X 10.23.9

Update from CD worked.

Install from scratch:

1: Typing help at the first prompt gives the following line:
@The label marked with a "*" is is the default image, press <return> to
boot it.
a: no image is marked with an asterix
b: redundant "is"

Having previously had just one partition (+ swap) from the previous
default ubuntu hoary install, I manually repartitioned the disk to give
me a separate /home partition.

2: Install Yaboot
This option offered me the options of installing Yaboot on either hda2
or hda4. I'm not sure which to choose - there is no guidance.
I dropped out of the process and went to the Ubuntu Installer Main Menu
to check my partitions. But on returning to the "Install yaboot" option,
I got the red screen of death and the message  "An installation step has
Even worse, I found it impossible to select any of the options on the
menu without getting the RSOD. Install failed.

So I restarted the process, this time checking to see what the automatic
ubuntu partitioner would do with 16.1gb of free space. It created the
second (hda4) boot partition. I also checked the docs on ubuntu, but
they were of very little help.
But this time, the question of where to install yaboot didn't turn up!
I guess this is because a bootstrap was created second time around,
whereas the first time it was there from my previous ubuntu install.

Then reboot, the long wait for package installation etc, log in, update
(installed x-common and something else that depended on it), turn
universe on, install xfce. All fine so far. But on logging out (was
going to test XFCE) X crashed with the message:
"I cannot start the xserver (your graphical interface). It is likely
that it is not set up correctly. Would you like to view the X server
output to diagnose the problem?"
surrounded by gibberish (Curses borked).
Keyboard was all mucked up as well.

Oh well, that's beta testing.


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