Considering use Ubuntu instead of Knoppix

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Tue May 17 05:59:10 UTC 2005

Jochen Skulj wrote:

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>>>Do you mean it is difficult for changing any liveCD's kernel or just
>>>Actually, because one of my friend had done a lot work on an old
>>>distribtion of knoppix, but that knoppix couldn't
>>>support much hardware(Linux 2.4.26), so i want to change a new kernel
>>>and have a try.
>It is quite difficult to change anything on a Live CD. All components of
>the system are on CD and files located on CD can't be changed as easily
>as on a hard disk. So changing something on a Live CD means in fact
>creating an own customized Live CD. You have to create a Linux
>installation on a hard disk, adapt this installation to your
>requirements, create an ISO image and create a new CD -- this is just
>the rough idea. Creating an own customized Live CD is a quite advanced
>task - I think that's what your friend did - and because of the enormous
>effort I don't think it's suitable for normal users like you and me.
>Therefore it's no specific issue of Knoppix but it's reasoned by the
>nature of Live CDs.
>There are two alternatives for you: If you use Linux regularly you
>should install Linux on a hard disk. You may resize existing Windows
>partition to create some space for Linux (use qtparted from Knoppix) and
>then install Linux on the hard disk. You can either use Knoppix (maybe a
>newer version) or take Kubuntu/Ubuntu - or just another distribution.
>That depends on your personal requirements and preferences. From my
>point of view Ubuntu is the easiest distribution to install. Propably
>Ubuntu or a newer Knoppix version will support your hardware. If not,
>you can change the configuration or build an customized kernel.
>If you want stick to using a Live CD you should try out a newer version
>of Knoppix. I think the latest version is Knoppix 3.8.2 which comes with
>a 2.6.11 kernel. You may also use one of the other Live CDs like the
>Ubuntu Live CD or Kanotix.
>That are the alternatives for you. Changing an existing Knoppix CD just
>to use a newer kernel isn't a realistic option for you.
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thx very much!!
I must do the remaster on some liveCD.
If just modify some tools, i can deal with it. But update kernel is not 
the same with add or delete other tools.
Anyway, thx very much!!
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