HowTo: apply a "patch" ?!

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Tue May 17 02:56:17 UTC 2005

I went to file a bug for the "file-roller" in Hoary, but I found a bug
report already about it. Nice thing is that someone there offered a
"patch" to cure the problem :

Newb question, of course... how the hell does one apply "patches".

I understand I need to download the source files of the file -roller,
probably from Synpatic, then what ? The code of the patch doesn't look
like pure C code to me, is it ? What are these "@" symbols ? Are they
meant for some third-party program to know how to modify the source file
of interest ? Or should I just do it manually, open the source file with
Gedit and add the patch at the start of the file and the compiler will
suss it out ?

Vince, trying to learn a bit more every day....

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