Ubuntu my love !

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Mon May 16 07:27:16 UTC 2005

I was having a minor issue with X-Plane in Ubuntu. So I thought I would
download the Windows version to compare things.
Well, not only the issue was still there in Windows, but there were
others as well ! But the big laugh was to happen only 2 minutes after
taking off with my favorite Heli, as I was very concentrated on the
flight.... suddenly.... something pops up :


Couldn't believe it ! This windows install is only a few months old, I
have started only a handfull of times, total time maybe 2 hours max all
in all, yet in this short time it managed to get this virus/mal/crap
ware ! And it pops up every 5 minutes !

Coooool.... :-/

Then when you add the uglyness of the desktop and everything, I now
understand why I love my Ubuntu so much, and I want to publicly thank my
Linux friend no end, for introducing me to Linux 3 or so years
ago...with Mandrake. And I thank Ubuntu for making a distro that suits
me so well and makes me so happy every day.
I would rather pay for Ubuntu and wait 3/5 years for Linux to be
perfectly smooth on Desktops, than use Windows, even for free with an
illegal copy....
Ubuntu, no matter what rough edges remain (but will no doubt be ironed
out as Linux progresses quite fast), is light years ahead of XP :-)

Anyway sorry for wasting BW, but this pop-up crapware window really put
a big smile on my face... in that it did nothing but show me how much I
really love Ubuntu... :-)

Long live Ubuntu, long live Ubuntu, long live Ub....


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