cannot get live CD to work on ancient laptop: "K-MELEON.EXE FILE"?

Norman Silverstone norman at
Sat May 14 20:03:59 UTC 2005

> So, short of trying to install the "install" disk and seeing what, if 
> anything, happens, do you know a fix?
> Or, if I just switch the setup to boot from the CD, ought it to work, 
> and, if not, will I have the opportunity to go back into setup upon 
> reboot and change the boot from CD-ROM back to C: and then A:?
> I hope this question/these questions have some plain answer. . .thanks!

I have an old Toshiba running Win95 and so that I could see if it could
manage Ubuntu I am going to try loading the live version first. If that
is OK then I will try a full install.


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