Making Azureus the 'default' .torrent app

Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Fri May 13 17:00:13 UTC 2005

I know this might be off topic but I have been having a problems with
azureus.  Below is the post I have been working on.  BTW, not trying
to hijack your post but just thinking you folks might have the quick
answer.  Thanks---------

Azureus TSP 1.1 Plugin Problem

Hey, is anyone using Azureus  Everytime I restart Azureus,
flakky DSL provider, it tries to download Tracker Static Pages 1.1
Plugin but gives me an error message.


Version 1.1 of plugin 'azplugins' failed to install -
/opt/azureus/plugins/azplugins/azplugins_1.1.jar (Permission denied).

For the other plugins using Installation Wizard...


      Instll the plugins(s) for all users
 x    Install the plugin(s) for you only

solves the problem, Thank You Martin Sieradzkifor that solution, for
everything (Speed Scheduler works fine) but the Tracker Static Pages
1.1 Plugin.  It does not have that option (or even show up in the
Installation Wizard).

Trent Lloyd suggested

tab at ubuntutab:~ $ sudo cp /tmp/azplugins_1.1.jar

but that only gives me

cp: missing destination file

So, working on this as I type, azplugins_1.1.jar is located in tmp. 
The Installation Wizard gives me the same error message when I do a
"By file" install even using the "for you only" option.

So now try

sudo apt-get install azplugins_1.1.jar

and it gives me

E: Couldn't find package azplugins_1.1.jar

I looked at the Azureus site and Ubuntu Wiki but still am confused. 
It seems I am missing my "eureka" moment some where.  Besides being a
Linux newbie I am very paranoid about anything that might break my
link to the outside world.

Outer Bubbaistan

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