What's different between Knoppix and Ubuntu

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski opi at cyb3r.org
Fri May 13 04:18:52 UTC 2005

jamesxuruo wrote:

> ask what the difference between ubuntu and Knoppix such as area of
> supporting hardware and itc, thx very much.

 You're asking in LiveCD field, or overall?

 Overall Knoppix is Debian based, and so is Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a two CD
distribution: one with a LiveCD and one for installation. If you want to
run LiveCD, go Knoppix or Slax. Slax is smaller, yet filled with useful
stuff, Knoppix has all the software you need. Ubuntu LiveCD is much
smaller and it's suitable for doing a hardware pretest before Ubuntu

 Knopppix can be installed on HDD, but that's not quite wise, because
they modified some start scripts to suit LiveCD needs, and this can be
broken someday, when you will play with apt-get. Also, Knoppix is KDE
based (there's Morphix for Gnome). Ubuntu have two flavors (more to
come!:-) Kubuntu w. KDE and Ubuntu w. Gnome.

 To sum things up:

 * Both are Debian offspring
 * Knoppix is a LiveCD, Ubuntu is both LiveCD and Install CD
 * Hardware detection should be at the same level
 * With Ubuntu, you can pick up your DE flavor
 * Ubuntu has cleaner base packages set
 * Ubuntu gets security fixes

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