[SERVER] How to remove gnome and other applications - headless

audriusb at homelan.lt audriusb at homelan.lt
Thu May 12 03:07:43 UTC 2005

Quoting Robert Jameson <rj at dawnshosting.com>:

      apt-get remove x-window-system
This will remove X-window and all dependencies.

Gediminas Bukauskas

> We did a default install of hoary on a server -- this server dosnt need
> gnome and all the other librarys and applications is there a meta
> package I can remove to uninstall all this stuff.
> I know we should of used the custom install command from the cd -- but
> it's too late now.  We've already removed gdm from starting up by using
> rcconf.
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> Robert Jameson <rj at dawnshosting.com>
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