How Goes it with Breezy?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Wed May 11 18:34:39 UTC 2005

> How about giving the user a choice as to which installer to use? Have 
> grub give them a choice of either the new graphical installer, or the 
> standard proven text one?

Hmmm... Ubuntu is supposed to be simple and use reasonable defaults for
human beings, not add unnecessary complexity by providing two things
that do the same thing. So the graphical installer should be default, as
it potentially lets us make it more user friendly, which is the prime
objective of Ubuntu, to get everyone on it. I don't see why we would
have to have both the ext and graphical installer, if the graphical one
works, and since it will be based on the existing text installer anyway,
why wouldn't it work ?
Obviously, there is always the "expert" mode, which could potentially
allow for a text installer, if for some reason the graphical one fails.
I think Mandrake works this way. Graphical installer by default, which
always worked for me, but a text installer in "expert" mode, just in
case. However Mandrake comes on 2 billion CD's, whereas Ubuntu makes a
point (which I like very much), to fit on a single CD, so this might be
an issue.
But if we use the text installer as the base code, and build a gtk like
skin over it, hence reuse much of the existing code, maybe it will be
possible to have both the ncurses and gtk installer without requiring
much extra space on the CD. I don't know, let's see what Colin W. says
and comes up with... can't wait to try the first ISO :-)


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