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John DeCarlo johndecarlo at
Wed May 11 14:11:27 UTC 2005

On 5/11/05, Michael Beattie <mtbeedee at> wrote:
> I think what Linday meant was a "tree" view option in the side pane...
> Or something like is OS X with a bunch of "favorite" places and
> mounted devices.
> On 5/10/05, Kreg Schlosser <liberaltugboat at> wrote:
> > Umm All this already exists... Maybe you need to switch from spatial
> > view to file browswer view.
> >
> > On 5/10/05, Lindsay <judenlinz at> wrote:
> > > I may be behind the times here, but I happen to like a feature in MS
> > > Windows that I became 'addicted' to - Windows Explorer for a file
> > > manager.
> > >
> > > While we have 'File Browser' in Ubuntu (I guess it is part of Gnome) 
> it
> > > is limited. What I would like to see happen is, .... that CD Drive and
> > > Floppy drive are automatically mounted on boot-up (not through some
> > > command in terminal) and have them listed in the left-hand pain of 
> 'File
> > > Browser' under 'Tree.' I am sure this can be done. Then, have these
> > > made possible to copy files CD and Floppy from "File Browser."

I agree with Kreg.

Currently when you go to browser mode, you see the tree structure on the 
left hand pane. I think Lindsay is just asking to see CD-ROM and Floppy in 
there. Right now there is just Home Folder and Filesystem.

I know that there are lots of other file dialogs in Ubuntu / Gnome that 
allow you to add favorites to the list, why not in File Browser?

As for Michael and others who seem to be unaware of the current options, 
open up File Browser and go to Edit -> Preferences. Under the Views tab you 
can make the default "List View". Under the Behavior tab, you can select 
Always open in browser windows. You can change what columns display and in 
what order, all kinds of nice things.

One enhancement I would like to see is the ability to limit the size of 
columns. In many folders, I have files with very long names, so when I 
browse there, the file name column takes up all the space. I would prefer it 
not to autosize.

John DeCarlo, My Views Are My Own
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