[Hoary] Evolution Mail Notification

Oliver Grawert hostmaster at grawert.net
Wed May 11 13:54:05 UTC 2005

Am Mittwoch, den 11.05.2005, 09:07 -0400 schrieb David M. Carney:
> NOTE: I originally posted this to the Novell Evolution list, but to date
> I've gotten no replies.
> I can make Evolution (version on Ubuntu Hoary) beep when new
> mail arrives. I've tried making it play a sound of my choosing but have
> so far been unsuccessful. The sound I'm trying to get it to play is
> a .wav file.
> And while I'm on the topic of mail notification, what is a D-BUS
> message? That is another apparent form of mail notification. If I check
> it nothing happens when new mail arrives.
currently there is only the backend implemented, evolution emits a
message on the session dbus (used for communication between programs) if
new mail arrives....(you can see this messages by running dbus-monitor
in a terminal)

...whats missing is the listening part of this game....

i'm the author of evonotify [1] and i'm planning to rewrite it in python
and want to make use of this dbus message, to have a working mail
notification frontend in breezy ....


[1] http://www.grawert.net/software/evonotify/index.html 
(its not available as ubuntu package and wont work with gnome 2.10)
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