non-root scanner

Jellus ulist at
Wed May 11 10:04:32 UTC 2005

Hi ..

The only way i got xsane to work was as a root user .. but to be able
to get my scanner recognised ... first i had to load the module ppdev
.... this module implements parport0 support apparently ... cause
before module is loaded there is no /dev/parport0 ... but after loading
this module .... you can see the port in /dev .... off course it is
called ... /dev/parport0 ...

As for running xsane as a normal user ... i dont have this working yet
either ... what i have discovered so far is that there are two ways to
achieve this:

1) use libieee1284 support (preferred method i am told)

2) use saned ...

Greetings Jellus


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