Feature Request - Evolution (Was: More on email style, Supercite, Lurker, SC for Evolution?)

Anders Karlsson anders at trudheim.com
Wed May 11 08:56:43 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-05-10 at 19:03 -0700, Karl Hegbloom wrote:

> Have you ever used Gnus in Emacs, with 'supercite'?  I would really love
> to have that capability in Evolution.  It is really helpful in complex
> multiparty discussions where you need to quote more than one person from
> more than one past message.
>  http://www.delorie.com/gnu/docs/emacs/sc_toc.html#SEC_Contents

Very interesting. I have not had the pleasure of using supercite, and it
is a long time since I used Emacs for mail/news. I do agree that this
functionality would be very useful in Evolution, hence the modified
Subject line.

> I could not find any screenshots...  That manual will be difficult
> reading for the uninitiated --- it's an emacs package, and the
> prerequisite knowledge cannot be gained in less than a week.

That would be the case for most of Emacs. ;-) Don't get me wrong, I like
Emacs, but sometimes I wish it would be a little simpler to configure
some things.

> What it
> does is choose the "attribution" --- the line at the top that says "On
> Fri, ... Anders...", and then an abbreviation for that person, such as
> "AK" that is used to prefix the quoting characters, like:
>  AK> I guess that it would be [...]

I have seen this quoting style elsewhere, I think on the LKML, and
wondered where it came from. Now I know.

> So when you respond to a message that has quoted material in it, rather
> than having nested ">" characters, it leaves them alone with the prefix
> and attribution.  The attribution always mentions the prefix for that
> person, so you can use it as a key to know who said what.
> It also displays quoted material from different people in different
> colors, to help you sort them out.

This is something that Evolution would do well to add. I would use it
over the nested ">" any day of the week.


> The main thing is that more people need to be educated wrt what the old
> timers in the Internet development community have learned over the years
> about facilitating email based written discussions.  There should be a
> good book on the subject, and published WWW as well as print, and it
> ought to be taught in Junior High or High School, as well as in lower
> division University curricula.

I've only been using the net for 10-12 years, and the good old BBS
systems with FidoNet for a few years before that. It was very
educational and there usually was a Netiquette FAQ somewhere that new
(and old) people got pointed at from time to time.

I agree that perhaps "Netiquette for Dummies" or
http://www.netiquette.org would be a good idea. Someone with time on
their hands might want to take that on. :)



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