Suggestion for Breezy - Linz

Lindsay judenlinz at
Wed May 11 02:33:35 UTC 2005

I may be behind the times here, but I happen to like a feature in MS
Windows that I became 'addicted' to - Windows Explorer for a file

While we have 'File Browser' in Ubuntu (I guess it is part of Gnome) it
is limited.   What I would like to see happen is, .... that CD Drive and
Floppy drive are automatically mounted on boot-up (not through some
command in terminal) and have them listed in the left-hand pain of 'File
Browser' under 'Tree.'   I am sure this can be done.   Then, have these
made possible to copy files CD and Floppy from "File Browser."   

Reason: It is time saving.

With the advancements in Ubuntu in six months alone, could such a thing
be possible in time for Breezy?

Hopefully - Linz

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