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John Heim johnheim at johnheim.com
Tue May 10 02:20:18 UTC 2005

I also am blind and I think these are good ideas.

I'm currenttly looking for a live boot CD that does a serial console. Even 
Oralux doesn't do that. I'm hoping ubuntu can do it.

At 09:51 AM 5/9/2005, you wrote:
>Hello there list,
>My name is Scott and I found out about this distribution of Linux 
>yesterday while reading a newsgroup.  I have a couple of questions 
>however, first of all I am totally blind and need access to the 
>screen.  Have you looked at implementing Speakup a screen reading program 
>which can be found at http://www.linux-speakup.org.  To get the tar ball 
>you may go to ftp://ftp.braille.uwo.ca and find it there.  Secondly, would 
>you be able to include Brltty for those of us who do not have a serial 
>port because once we install Brltty we could then begin to use Brltty 
>right away.  You may find Brltty at http://dave.mielke.cc.  I really think 
>this would be great.  Secondly, could there be a question in your 
>installation which says something like:  Do you need to use Braille and 
>speech devices? (Please remember that speech and braille devices installed 
>only work under the text console, however, you may find Gnopernicus once 
>you have installed the system.)  I think this would make things much 
>better as for disabilities.
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