Network embarassment

Tom Adelstein adelste at
Sun May 8 20:39:10 UTC 2005

> > 
> Why don't you just use Samba or NFS to share your files, it's very easy
> to setup. If you need to share files over the Internet then I would
> agree on using ssh for this.
> Joe

Joe, if he doesn't have a firewall, smb opens ports 139 and 445 which
are for netbios protocols. For security, a Linux desktop should only
listen on port 22 for ssh connections. Even with the Linux firewalls the
netbios ports are operating in stealth mode. Perhaps, that's good
enough. But, some people will argue that everything allowing people
access to one's computer should be shut down or "hardened". 

IMHO, ssh should be the open file transfer available and then to be
really safe many people believe that only a public key should be used to
access ssh. 

If one doesn't need to take the risk, perhaps that's the best answer.

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