Wireless network diagnosis

Christoph Georgi christoph.georgi at web.de
Sun May 8 02:50:58 UTC 2005

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> I noticed that the AP was hiding its ESSID, so I did a
> manual
> iwconfig eth0 essid laniel

> which is the proper information for my router. But I don't
> get the neighbor's router, with a publicly-broadcast ESSID.
> It used to be that I'd get the neighbor's router, but not
> our own. There's something screwy afoot.

Now that you have configured the the essid on your machine to be 
'laniel', it's understandable that you can't see your neighbours AP 
anymore, isn't it? Try to broadcast your AP's essid and set your 
computer to essid 'any'. Now you should see both APs...?!



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