isdn problems

necorium necorium at
Sat May 7 14:34:08 UTC 2005

please can someone help me get my isdn to work with ubuntu hoary. i've gone
through the forums and read a whole lot of how to guides but i don't understand

this is extract from one of them

"To make isdn work in hoary you need to:

1. install linux-restricted-modules-$ARCH (to get the binary avm drivers) and
avm-fritz-firmware-2.6.10-3 (to get the firmware)

2. add capi to /etc/modules "

This sounds like the most simple one i've found. Where do i do these things
cause i've found out typing them into the terminal doesn't work. Can someone be
kind enough to take me through it step by step - i'd really appreciate that.
This is my first linux install and i don't want to go back to windows but if i
can't get the internet working i will have to.

Just a few things.
My isdn modem is an external modem (Mecer) plugged into a usb port
I can list usb devices in the terminal and see it (although it has a funny name)
but its dedinitely it cause when i unplug it and list it dissappears
When installin ubuntu - it was trying to apply DCMP (or something) to network
but that failed so i skipped it. Is that a problem? I only want to get my isdn
net working i don't need to network with other pcs

Please can someone help
I'm not getting any responses on the forums

Pretty please
with sugar on top

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