Internet Cafe Billing Software

Sam-Kcing Larmie kcingx at
Fri May 6 15:11:46 UTC 2005

Hi guys,

Please take time and read this mail.

Im new in the list, but not new to Linux. I was very happy when Ubuntu
linux was release and I have introduced a lot of my clients to use
this great OS Distro.

Im currently on a project as a volunteer to help in the Liberian
rebuilding process after 14years of war. Im using more of Linux in my
training for the youth than windows.

Three weeks ago i had another project to design and setup Internet
Access Centers (Internet Cafes) in 14 different locations in the city
(Monrovia) with at least 20 computers in each location.

I proposed Linux is the OS to be used in all these locations and it
has been aproved. The only problem I have now is to get an Internet
Cafe Billing (eg. Software for Linux
(Ubuntu/Debian). Please let me know if any of you guys can help me get
such an application.

Please forward this mail to any section of the Ubuntu-List if you know of any.

Thank you.


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