cannot read/print japanese pdf files

toyfactory toyfactory at
Fri May 6 14:49:05 UTC 2005

Evan, have you had any luck?

I just googled for .pdf files containing 'tamagoyaki' and tried a couple
at random.  The first file [1] prints fine from Xpdf, both to the
printer and to a .ps file.  The second file [2] just came out trash.

Maybe the first one has the fonts embedded and the second relies on
local fonts?

I notice in the multiverse repository there's xpdf-japanese which is
supposed to add Japanese language support.  I don't have it installed,
maybe I'll try that.  I'll check in Windows too.


It's a recipe for egg roll with seaweed.

[2] topics27/yachiyo/yachiyo.pdf
Don't know what this is, something to do with egg roll though.

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