PDF files : printing protected !

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Fri May 6 13:19:43 UTC 2005

> Vincent Trouilliez <vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr> writes:
> > But there is no point trying a live CD, knowing well that I am never
> > going to install Ubuntu on it... waste of time.
> That's one reasons for having a live CD: to make a machine useful
> (e.g. when travelling) without installing.
> > He really doesn't care the slightest bit about computers, they are just
> > a painful but necessary machine in his eyes, the less he sees of it, the
> > happier he feels. 
> Don't we all.
> > Plus, although I have not really checked the exact specs of his
> > laptop, I anticipate that it's not modern enough for Ubuntu.  
> I thought that Ubuntu was supposed to run fine on laptops _and_ on old
> boxes.
> > Hard drive would be large enough I think, it has sound and a dial-up
> > modem, but the screen is too small, I think the native resolution
> > must be 800x600, and I really wouldn't want to have Ubuntu with such
> > a disastrous resolution. 
> Why is screen resolution important for printing a PDF file?  The
> dial-up modem could be a problem though, but if he has the PDF-file on
> an NTFS partition I guess the live CD will mount it and the file will
> be accessible anyway.
> > No really, Ubuntu will never make it on my friends work laptop, at
> > least not in the foreseeable future...
> With a live CD it is gone again after (eject and) reboot.
> 	Affi

Affi, you sound a bit rude to me ! I tried to explain the situation as
it is, not as you, or me,  would like it to be. I am not going to tell
you what to do with your boss's computer, please don't tell me what to
do with my friends work laptop. Also, may I remind you that the problem
has already been fixed, due to some people actually helping instead of
criticising for the sake of it like you did.



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