Sven Wagschal s.wagschal at
Fri May 6 07:21:03 UTC 2005

Matthew S-H schrieb:
> There is a very good reason for e-mail clients to place the cursor at 
> the top.  A vast quantity of e-mail is of a personal nature.  
> Top-posting is much better suited to conversations involving two people 
> than bottom posting is.  Although I feel top-posting is generally better 
> than bottom posting, I feel that top-posting is DEFINITELY better than 
> bottom-posting in personal e-mails.

This seems to be an apology for being lazy and not deleting unneccessary 
stuff from an email. Why quote at all? By not deleting the full quote at 
the bottom of an email bandwith (and harddisk space) is wasted; if in 
personal conversation the context is clear, why not hit answer, delete 
the quote and type the message?

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