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On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 09:35 +0100, linux wrote:

> The real question is:
> why cursor places at top?

So that one can put a polite salutation at the start of the message (see

Seriously, where else would one put the cursor. It seems to me there are
three choices: 1) at the top 2) at the bottom or 3) somewhere random in
the middle.

If respondents are to interleave their replies with commented text of
the original, then the top is best place for the cursor. Somewhere
random in the middle is obviously pointless and at the bottom is also
silly as the first thing most people will do is scroll upwards to
somewhere near the top of the message.

> It's curious why cursor stay at top and signature goes down all text...

Leave the signature at the bottom. I once used a mailer that put it at
the top and I wanted to interleave my replies. It was really annoying!

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