GRUB : couple quick newbie questions...

kamstrup ulist at
Wed May 4 19:20:01 UTC 2005

I am well aware Slackwares tgz-package shortcommings. I am also aware
that you need package info and dependancy trees in working order to
enjoy the rich benefits of the .deb-system.

The idea is the following (as I also guess Slax is doing?). The
iso-image should contain a full Ubuntu/Debian installation with all
metadata and package info. Not the packages themselves, just the files
they provide. Ie. the same result as you would get by installing

from an install cd (just with an empty cache).

When you install, the entire cd-contents are just mirrored to the HD in
question, maybe run some configuration scripts, and install a
bootloader. Et Voila! - You have a fresh Ubuntu installation, with
package meta-data and everything you need.

I'm probably missing some finer point about packaging or something; or
else this would probably be done already?


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