Cannot boot from Hoary CD

Luke Venediger lukev123 at
Wed May 4 18:42:17 UTC 2005

Hi All,

I am trying to install Ubuntu Hoary on my Gran's computer (she is 75!) I 
believe it'll be easier for her to use and for me to remotely support.

My problem is that I cannot boot from the Hoary CD. The machine is a Pentium 
1, 133mhz, and I have set CDROM to boot first in the bios. When the machine 
starts up I get the foloowing message:

Boot from ATAPI CDROM:
1 fd system type - (00)

And then Windows 95 proceeds to boot up (which is currently installed on the 
harddrive). I've thought about making boot disks, but I think the stiffy 
drive has seen better days (about 5 years ago). 

Any ideas?

Luke Venediger.
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