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Wed May 4 16:08:10 UTC 2005

fwiw, I have endless problems with wireless configuration too. I can save 
profiles (I use 'home' and 'work' also; home is unencrypted - I use MAC 
filtering instead - and work is WEP), but switching between them doesn't 
seem to 'take.' I often have to switch the profile, then reboot ('cause I'm 
too l at m3 to figure out which daemon needs to be restarted), and then I'm 
able to connect.

Aside from this, I've also noticed that WEP seems to cause lots of 
connectivity problems, as does dhcp. My laptop has integrated wireless, and 
quite often I can't get an IP for it, so I wind up sticking in a pcmcia 
wireless card. This evidently sparks some potent juju, because I then wind 
up with both wireless interfaces configured, each with its own IP... :-P


On 5/4/05, Steve Kratz <stevek at derbyworks.com> wrote:
> I have a Dell 5160 laptop with wireless card (b/g) in it (Atheros
> chipset - Shows as ath0).
> At work, the access point has no security. At home, I use WEP.
> It looks like the Network Settings panel >should< allow you to set up
> multiple profiles for the network devices to make easy switches between
> the two networks. I've set up "Home" and "Work." The problem is, the
> settings don't seem to save. If I get "Work" all configured, and then
> create "Home" and get it working, switching back to "Work" results in a
> completely unconfigured network settings page (as if you'd just created
> a new profile - wifi nor ethernet are configured or activated.)
> Any thoughts/ideas/better ways to do this?
> (I used to be a die-hard KDE fan, but am rather liking the Ubuntu styled
> Gnome... I'd like to try to make things work as they planned.)
> Steve
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