A Couple of Thunderbird Questions

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Wed May 4 04:44:15 UTC 2005

1. Not sure, point your current install to the old directory in 
Edit->Account Settings->Server Settings
or you could copy the files from your 
user/.mozilla-thunderbird/profilename/ directory over to the new location
I believe the address book is abook.mab, and mail is the "mail" folder 
at the same level.

2.Edit->Preferences->Composition->Send Options(Lower Part of Page)
Should give you all the options you need.


Ed Fletcher wrote:
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> I've just reloaded Hoary onto my laptop and am now configuring
> Thunderbird.  Which is pretty easy, except for two things:
> 1.  How do I import my mail and address book from my Warty desktop?
> 2.  How do I ensure that all mail I send will be in plain text and not
> html?  I can see how to set this on a per-recipient basis, but I'm sure
> there must be a global setting somewhere that I'm missing.
> TIA,
> Ed
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