AMD64-939 motherboards

Jarz Corp ulist at
Tue May 3 05:36:38 UTC 2005

I am sorry to have to admit that I am using this systems oss, tried the
nforce option but that was no go, have read about the intel will
probably give that a go.

The limitation in paralell sounds usage is the esd system as I
understand it, and there is an easy "hack" for that somewhere in this
huge amazing bunch of knowlegde (forum)

Thanks for the power-profile tip, I will start that when I at some
point boot into XP.

And to the poster using 64bit XP, I am pretty sure U didn't pay for
that, or maybee U were just quite fast. I am not going to buy one after
M$ changed their initial statement, they started out by saying that
owners of XP and 64 bit CPU's could switch to 64bit XP at no cost. Now
they want money for sending me a cd which would take weeks- to arrive
and they only support people who bought OEM machines and no
home-brewers, and then I would be stuck with a OS that I don't really
have any use for, as windows coders can't code for 64 bit, if they did
they would loose too many 32 bit customers, and heaven forbid that we
added a systems check to our code,

Sorry I am ranting.....

Hey MOD i suggest a ranting rating, I always rant so my posts should be
limited to xx number of letters, then maybee I would learn how to be

Jarz Corp

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