AMD64-939 motherboards

Gerhard Gaußling ggrubbish at
Mon May 2 23:29:56 UTC 2005

Am Tuesday 03 May 2005 00:20 schrieb Jarz Corp:
> As the previous poster mentioned. Cool-and-Quiet kicks ass on ubuntu,
> it does not work on XP Pro at all, no matter what cpu driver and
> whatnot U install.


I use this A8N SLI deluxe board with 1GB ram and a 3500+ amd64 CPU, too. 
I got a very noisy sparkle with a nvidia 6600GT GPU.
Cool'n'Quiet, and everything works fine, also the SATA disk 6Y200MO from 
maxtor, no matter if I use Ubuntu Horay Hedgehog amd64 or win XP Pro 
64bit edition. The difference is, that on ubuntu everything works out 
of the box ;-).

With the nforce driver you can get also good sound out of the onboard 

Kind regards

Gerhard Gaußling  

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